SIPRES Società Italiana Progetti Ricerche E Sviluppo (tr:Italian Research and Development Projects Company) is the preferred partner of some of the most prestigious cosmetic and dermocosmetic companies in the domestic and international markets.


A leader in the industry, SIPRES possesses the know-how, manufacturing capabilities, and advanced integrated quality control systems with respect to the world scene.


Thanks to state-of-the-art Research & Development Labs, its product range spans all areas of the cosmetic sector, from Hair Care to Skin Care and Personal Care, including the most innovative high-end dermocosmetic products and the use of nanotechnology.


Additionally, SIPRES has cutting-edge equipment for production and internal departments for Purchasing, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, and Marketing and Graphics for image development or redesign of existing lines already in use by the customer.


SIPRES offers a unique environment in which clients can find answers and the best solutions for their needs. The company works closely with each customer to develop ideas, an approach that ensures that everyone is on the same page and no time is being wasted.

SIPRES S.r.l.  Società Italiana Progetti Ricerche e Sviluppo

Via del Santo, 219  35010 - Limena (PD)  |  Phone +39 049 8840124  |  P. IVA 01406390284


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