Behind two apparently identical formulas, it is possible to find very different products.


The basic reason for this lies in the quality of the raw materials used that can add value to any proposal. SIPRES gives maximum attention to the choice of each component that will help create your product.


Always updating with recent findings, SIPRES relies exclusively on the business leaders that offer the highest quality certified products. A special test area allows us to verify the effectiveness of each component selected before inserting it into a formulation.


Products range from the organic, with Eco Bio Cosmetics Certification (ICEA), to cutting-edge product lines based on nanotechnology.


Our search for raw materials includes both national and international sources in order to fulfill every client request.

Thanks to collaborations with the Department of Dermatology and Dermocosmetology at RDI (tr:Italian Diagnostics Network), also an integral part of The Pavanello Group, SIPRES has the ability to conduct tests and effectiveness studies, both on raw materials and on their formulations.


The scientific team at RDI, working with the SIPRES Department of Research and Development, can offer breakthrough solutions with a guarantee that products are developed with absolute safety and effectiveness.

We think of research as the lifeblood of our business, a vital element that we can’t live without.


We know that in order to look ahead to the future, there can be no growth, no development, without the attention and the ability to think outside the box. The desire to offer new and original solutions in beauty and personal care is firmly rooted in our DNA.

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