SIPRES has made its slogan "YOUR PARTNER" with the intent of building on its foundation of assisting customers in every phase of product development, understanding client desires, advising them of their choices, and always being ready to face the proposed challenges together.


Being an active part of the "The Pavanello Group", SIPRES can provide its customers with the valuable resources drawn from scientific research and implement its expertise with professionals and invaluable equipment.


Its "mission" is to maintain and continually increase its level of excellence, while constantly expanding its offerings in all areas of cosmetics and providing a "quality budget" at competitive prices.


Beauty emanates from a healthy body and peace of mind, and this is the guiding principle that SIPRES has always followed in the preparation of each product, regardless of its price range. To fulfill a desire, to rouse an emotion – this is the objective that we set for ourselves each and every day.

SIPRES S.r.l.  Società Italiana Progetti Ricerche e Sviluppo

Via del Santo, 219  35010 - Limena (PD)  |  Phone +39 049 8840124  |  P. IVA 01406390284


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