The media has focused on SIPRES on several occasions because of its ability to expand into foreign markets and to continue the search for partnerships with prestigious companies.


Located in Northeast Italy, the company has been recognized as an example for its proficiency in addressing the challenges of the global market.


SIPRES has demonstrated the ability to evolve from the typical model of a manufacturing company to an industrial model capable of investing in know-how, pursuing its goals and achieving results with its mind on the international market.

Settembre 2011 - Dossier Veneto allegato a "Il Giornale"

Dicembre 2009 - Kosmetica

Ottobre 2010 - Kosmetica

Aprile 2008 - "Il Sole 24 Ore"

SIPRES S.r.l.  Societ√† Italiana Progetti Ricerche e Sviluppo

Via del Santo, 219  35010 - Limena (PD)  |  Phone +39 049 8840124  |  P. IVA 01406390284


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